SaltCON RPG Code of Conduct


  • Be Positive
  • Be Professional
  • Understand your role & material you are running
  • Respect Time
  • Be the Bigger Person
  • Be Helpful
  • Be a Good example, no outside food.
  • Have Fun, and make it Fun for ALL!


  • Be respectful of others talking
  • Try to not interrupt others, unless necessary
  • Be Proactive in Communication
  • Avoid disputes or arguments
  • Use good Language
  • Don’t Gossip or Create rumors


  • Wear Presentable Clean Clothing
  • Be Clean
  • Most of all use good judgement
If have any problems with attendees and it starts Escalate and/or you are getting frustrated with anyone please seek out the following people.


Angela Buckendorf (Angie) – SaltCON RPG Coordinator as First Point of Contact. Brent Litster – SaltCON Assistant RPG Coordinator David McClelland– SaltCON RPG Organizer


Derek Gray – Dungeons & Dragons Coordinator, or other DDAL admin, who will seek out SaltCON RPG Coordinators and SaltCON Organizers to help resolve the issue. Thank you all! Your efforts make the difference in how well things go. I am so thankful we have a very talented pool of people who love Roleplaying games, and want to share that love with everyone!