Play to Win

Play-to-Win events are sponsored by publishers who donate games for you to learn, play and have a chance to win!

Everyone who plays a Play-to-Win game can choose to be entered into a drawing to have a chance to win each game they played. You can play any copy of the game during the convention, and be entered to win.

Check the Event Page for the Play-to-Win Drawing schedule, usually on Saturday evening near the registration desk.


  1. Play a Play-to-Win game
  2. After playing a Play-to-Win game, when returning the game to the play to win library, players may choose to have their badge scanned to be entered to win that game.
  3. Only one entry per player per game.

Play-to-Win Drawing Rules

  1. Play-to-Win entries will be drawn randomly.
  2. Each Play-to-Win will have one winner drawn for each copy of the Play-to-Win prize that is available.
  3. Each attendee is limited to 1 Play-to-Win prize.