Ion Award

The Ion Award Recognizes Excellence in Unpublished Games

The Ion Award is for any game designer with an unpublished game.

The Ion Award competition at SaltCON is designed to be the premier competition for game designers to meet publishers.

SaltCON is the premier convention for publishers to see the hottest new unpublished games that have achieved a high standard of excellence.

2017 Ion Award Winners!

Bad Doctor!
Light Game Category

Eric Magnan and Dan Germain
Palooka Precinct
Strategy Game Category

Glen Dresser
Year Title Category Designer Publisher
2017 Bad Doctor! Light Game Eric Magnan
Dan Germain
2017 Palooka Precinct Strategy Game Glen Dresser
2016 Cypher Light Game Adam Wyse Under Contract
2015 Race to Innovation Strategy Game Mike Holyoak Under Contract
2015 Stalag Escape Light Game Matt Jensen
2014 Xenon Profiteer Strategy Game T.C. Petty III
2014 YARDmaster Light Game Steven Aramini
2013 Nika Strategy Game Joshua Raab
2013 Hold Your Breath Light Game Daniel Jenkins

Chris Urinko
2012 Strategy Game Joseph Kisenwether
2012 Rigamaroles Light Game Shane Larsen
2011 Strategy Game Greg Powers

Brian Powers

2011 Snake Eyes Light Game T. Alex Davis
2010 (Title withheld) Best Game Jason Fullen
2009 Best Game David Haslam

Sandeep Khakar
SaltCON 2017 Supporters