Gamemaster: David Morris

System: Shadowrun 5th Ed.

Description: In the near-future corporations dominate our lives and take little effort to disguise their manipulations of governments. Shadowrunners, mercenaries who live behind false identities, are hired by corporations and governments a like to conduct undercover operations of espionage and sabotage. Utilizing high tech weapons, cybernetic implants, and magic these runners are often out for nothing more than the next payday.

In the Bug City Containment Zone, most of what was old town Chicago, an infestation of spirit bugs had grown so troublesome, that a nuke was set off within their hive. Until recently, the CZ was blocked in by collapsed buildings. Recently efforts have been made to reintegrate parts of the CZ into the city and our runners have been hired by Quantum Princess to install two transmitters in the CZ that will repair the connection to the Matrix (internet).

Friday March 3, 2017 


11am - 1pm

Location: Stratus 7/8

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