No-Ship Math Trade Meet up

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The SaltCON 2018 No-Ship Math Trade is open

"SaltCON 2017 No-Ship Math Trade had 1423 games entered"

No-Ship Math Trade Coordinator: TBA

Location: No-Ship Math Trade will be conducted on the Board Game Geek

N0-Ship Math Trade Schedule and Rules: Click Here

Results posted shortly after Want List Deadline. If an error is found, please notify Trade Coordinator immediately, and it will be corrected.

SaltCON 2018 No-Ship Math Trade Meet up

The Math Trade Meetup is for people who want to meet in person to exchange their Math Trade games.

The permanent Math Trade drop off is in the Exhibitor Hall (Meridian Ballroom) in the back right corner across from booth 38.

The permanent Math Trade meet up will only be open during exhibitor hours so plan accordingly.


Exhibitor Hall Hours:

Thursday March 1 (12pm - 6pm)
Friday March 2 (10am - 6pm)
Saturday March 3 (10am - 6pm)
Sunday March 4 (10am - 2pm)

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