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SaltCON has the opportunity for qualified individuals to run events for other attendees. These events must be presented to SaltCON staff and approved at least four weeks prior to the convention. Event approval will be subject to previous year's participation and the needs of the convention. The purpose of these events is to attract new attendees and to offer current attendees more gaming options during the convention.

This opportunity is not intended for representatives of game companies, but is intended for convention attendees who want to share their love of a game(s) with other attendees by hosting and teaching others to play that game.

Examples of these events include; RPG sessions, hosted games like Arkham Horror, hosted miniatures games such as Blood Bowl or X-wing Miniatures.

If you would like to apply to run an event please fill out this Event Form Below with the name of the event, your name, email address, your qualifications to run the event, a detailed description of the event, length of time of the event, how many of these events you will be hosting and what times you would like to run the event during the three day convention.

We will review your request and respond to you via email to let you know if your event has been selected for the 2017 convention.

All events are subject to SaltCON approval.

If you represent a game company we suggest you purchase an exhibitors sponsorship package. These sponsorship packages come with three full convention passes, has a reserved area to display your product and comes with other advertising opportunities.

*We will not allow game company representatives to set up display areas on the convention floor or to sell product unless they have purchased an exhibitor's package.

Interested individuals, please use submission form below

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