Dave Bailey’s Master of Games Tournaments

Dave Bailey's 4th annual Master of Games tournaments!

Sponsored by Red Raven Games

You have the opportunity to prove your mastery in the Master of Games tournaments. You can enter one or more tournaments.

Prizes will be awarded to the Master of each tournament. This year SaltCON will be providing “SaltCON Master of Games” plaques for the winners.

Additionally, there will be a “SaltCON Grandmaster of Games” plaque awarded to the person who performs best in all Master of Games tournaments. To qualify for the grandmaster award, you must play in at least two Master of Games tournaments. However, the more Master of Games tournaments you play in, the better your chance of becoming the Grandmaster of Games!

There will only be 16 seats available in each tournament, on a first-come, first-serve basis. So be sure to sign up and reserve your place. You, too, can be a Master of Games!

Dave Bailey’s Master of Games tournaments are not for those who are not familiar with the board games in the tournaments—please be familiar with each of the board games in the tournament you are participating in.

Here are links to rules or explanations of how to play each of the games:

Tournament #1: Hoity Toity, Mystery Rummy: Jack the Ripper, 7 Wonders and Pergamon

Tournament #2: Can't Stop, Incan Gold, King of Tokyo and Cheeky Monkey

Tournament #3: Gem Dealer, Looting London, Master Gallery and Splendor

Tournament #4: Ticket to Ride, Zooloretto, Kingdom Builder and Camel Up

Master of Games Tournament #1

Theme: Set Collection

Schedule: Friday

9am - 1pm

Location: Eclipse B

Master of Games Tournament #2

Theme: Press Your Luck

Schedule: Friday

1pm - 4pm

Location: Eclipse B

Master of Games Tournament #3

Theme: Treasures

Schedule: Thursday

10:30am - 1:30pm

location: Eclipse B

Master of Games Tournament #4

Theme: SDJ Winners

Schedule: Thursday

1:30pm - 5:30pm

Location: Eclipse B

Dave Bailey’s Master of Games Tournaments subject to change at anytime

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