Aleran Nights

Gamemaster: Patrick Buckendorf

System: Aleran Nights Beta Test

Description: A group of adventurers are presented with an offer, venture out and retrieve the valuable cargo of a ship that was wrecked somewhere in the Pirate Isle to the east of the city of Erinak and safely return with that cargo. Successful retrieval will result in the goodwill of your patron and also earn you a name as adventurers in the city of Erinak.

Aleran Nights is a story focused Fantasy RPG with a unique Simultaneous Play combat system and a Challenge System that encourages and rewards out of the box thinking to resolve obstacles in your way.

The RPG system is a simple D10 based system that can be learned in less than 5 minutes.

Sunday March 5, 2017


5pm - 7pm

Location: Stratus 7/8

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