About Us


The mission of SaltCON is “to bring people together with games.” Come play with your family and friends. We have exhibitors, prizes, Game teachers, tournaments and a huge game library to try out new games. We have board games, card games, party games, role playing games, dexterity games, miniatures games and more!

SaltCON Owner/Organizers:


Dale Gifford
- Exhibitors
- Sponsors
- Products
- Venue
- Game Library
- Events

Sean MacDonald
- Website
- Financials
- Registration

Dan Naylor
- Volunteers
- Ion Award

SaltCON Organizers:


David McClelland
- RPG Coordinator

Geoffrey Briggs
- Painting Contests Coordinator
- Prize Coordinator


Allison Ogden
- Panel Coordinator
- Figure Painting Coordinator

Glenn Ironhat
- Tournament Coordinator

Angela Buckendorf
- Assistant RPG Coordinator

- Prototype Events Coordinator

SaltCON 2018 Supporters